How to Sign Up / Sing In?

  • To create EthersMine account, please fill in the sign up form and click "Sign up & Receive Free 01 MHS".
  • Check your mailbox and verify your email by clicking on varification link.
  • Your account is active now and Free 01 MHS are added to your EthersMine account.
  • Use the registered email and password to sign in to your EthersMine account.
  • Use Forgot Password link and enter your email address to reset the password.

How to Buy?

  • Your Free 01 MHS will start mining only after purchasing minimum contract.
  • To purchase hashrate, Click on "BUY" button on summary page or just go to Buy menu from your user panel.
  • Select the hasharte you want to purchase from slider. Order summary will reflect the respective payment information. Select the "Terms & Condition" and continue with your order.
  • If you have sufficient balance in to your EthersMine wallet, you can simply click on "BUY" button and complete the order.
  • If you do not have sufficient balance into your EthersMine Wallet, Send payment in the amount of Ethereum or Bitcoin to the address given or scan the barcode and send the exact amount shown in order summary.
  • If you have referral code, enter it in the box below and submit to earn 5% on your purchased hashrate.
  • Click on "BUY" button to complete your order. Your order will get confirmed within 2-12 hours.

How to Withdraw?

  • Please enter your Ethereum wallet address
  • Please purchase minimum hashrate to activate withdraw
  • Click on "withdraw" button on summary > EthersMine Wallet.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Your withdraw amount will reflect to your Ethereum wallet within 2-12 hours.

Two-Factor Google Authentication

  • Click on your Login name at top-right corner, Select Security.
  • Switch on 2 step Google Authentication
  • Scan the QRCode with your Google Authenticator app
  • Click UPDATE and Log out if you wish
  • Sign in again with your registered Email and Password > Enter Key from Google authenticator app > Sign in.
  • To disable 2 step google authentication, Switch it off and click update.